Take me dancing, the earth is frozen
yet it is spring I have in my mind.
I feel a strange joy, a loud clock
ready to burst out of my chest.
It’s been so many years a slower
sap courses through my lungs,
thicker than ice. I think of the lake,
of the city, of the silent days
inclosed in one opaline season,
they break from me, correct
one another  — all may live.
Take me dancing, I’ve waited
long enough, for the bed here
to get warm, for the dress to unfurl,
for the coins in the can to fade out,
and for a love that helps to live and die.
Sing me a song about flying, about
being high  — I will forget all the rest.
The snow in the air is white and whirling,
take me dancing untill my thighs burn
and the lake is on fire. It is the strangest
winter, the strangest cold —
even the stars pulsing upon the ice
seem to be made of flesh and blood.