I stepped out of the circle of time
and inside me was the bitter blue
of the earth, so blue that only
your blood rang redder.
The pulse of all things vanished,
cities, dawns violet,
hard little coins and escapeless battles,
only your touch remained.
More lucid was the pupil of loss
with its shards of salt, more vivid.
It was all beyond me, immortality
pierced the most troubled hours,
despite our tears and the incommunicability
that sent us back naked on the road,
despite the irrevocable choices,
despite it all. A certain stillness
rocked me, as if I coud never lose
you, as if I could never starve
in this black interval because
once, we had been that imperfect
earthly thing. Was the earth solid,
were there really dreams money could buy ?
I thought the earth was the bluest hell
I had ever seen, yet that your fire
was redder.