Choke me – I still can’t sing
I stand negative in a black spring
with no need of touch, words,
or whatever it is.
April falls from your thighs,
war, sex, wine New
lactescent nights
– it was before.
Now, each pulse,
each sigh of the living
sinks in my throat,
and absorbs my breath
like an inverted mouth.
Choke me – I can’t forget
there’s no silence, no stillness
on Earth.
All around,
heroin drips from trees,
cherry blossoms dislocate,
float along rivers,
cloak graves in honey.
I stand like a false note
before ours.
The last day we were a life,
this day,
when the blood in your mouth
was still mine,
and the milk in my breast
was yours,
this day, the last, is an anomaly.
Choke me – I still can’t sing.
We are alive
but gone.
The worst of April
is done.

Listen here, Read by RM: