Another reality assaulted me
as I watched sunrays on the window
trying to get through me.
No force wanted me to cut my wrists,
no fate to send us to the abyss.
Suddenly you were there, so close
closer than you had ever been.
The baby lay in its red fluids again.
The past had been fully rewritten,
the non-exchangeable hours, razed.
An indigo sky stretched out,
I wanted to stay there with you,
forever forgetting,
forever caught
in the gauze of unmutilated days.
Letting this torpor do its worst,
bring us together, entwined in a single knot,
then leave me helpless, awoken.
The halt seemed endless
suspension absolute,
how perfect –
when everything was too late.
I couldn’t explain this absurd heaven
to anybody,
my voice had gone in some static sky.
I remained silent,
waiting for the stones to shout.
But on the seventh day, there was no sound,
the stones in the walls rested.