Give me the ruins of an unfinished love.
Mark me with a seal of incompleteness.
Cut open the chalk outline
then leave the crime scene, quietly.
Take back what you have given me
and sing my name from another bed.
Mark me, with the crude incoherence
the mind graphs when it goes blank.
You know, don’t you, desire
is stronger than death ?
Look at this poor Orpheus,
whose pain couldn’t be lessen,
no more on earth than in hell.
Or Persephone among lilies and violets
longing for her black fate,
don’t you think she had a call ?
So let the kiss whirl in the air,
promises fade with ash.
My own lips on my skin,
your breath in some golden hair.
Invent each day a bluer kind of lie,
then call from the war zone,
say our street, our rain, our lips,
declare you could never forget.
Mark me, be the knife and the balm.
You know, don’t you, what they say ?
Sharper the cut, tighter the bond.
For love is crueller than death,
and desire stronger than the grave.
The song of Salomon, its jealous flame,
believe me, it works every time.