Here it is, see how it falls
with monstrous regularity
around my legs.
Defeat is falling, and I’m alive,
you see, I’m a sun
called by its own light.
Fire slaps my skin.
I pour wine for the living
everywhere in the city.
I wash the fresh grief
of young hearts, the terror,
the battlefield they call
See how it falls
around my wrists,
sadness is leaving,
trains and rivers shake
like ropes of light.
All you need now
is to wash yourself
of all deaths
and let your alveoli
open and shut,
until you are found
Until eternity
ceases, and only life
You and I, my love,
listen to it.
We’re an ocean
called by its sound.
We’re mad as stars
quitting their shining.
We melt
as the nights go thick again,
faceless, empty.
Here it is, see how it falls
with anxious regularity
around my bed, ecstasy
is falling,
words unlace,
I sing your name.
I feel the future changing
new doors opening,
the air smells of fruits.
At noon
shadows dance
sweeping the earth’s.
entire pain.
See, we’re born
again –
we were not
immortal enough.