they all go into red, my memories of us
dark red, rust red / red wine, red lust
veins of copper unroll under my skin
like a carnal ocean
stronger than a beast, harder than metal.
Time won’t erode it, for this is time’s funeral.
There’s nothing else to bury now
just to descend lower, descend only.
We are here, in our end,
and there, in our beginning,
when we were disfigured stars
both howling in the dark :
‘Please invent flesh!’
Blood wells up among our bones,
nothing else is red except us.
Hell is no longer conscious of its fire
flames have turn into blue dust.
Fruits are nailed in useless summers
sex-closed and meat is now a pale drug
only angels can afford.
I hold your slippery love
a red leash death forgot in my hand
and the sun speaks to my heart personally
watching its core turning ocher
begging for blood transfusion,
– as if there was a cure for passion.
And you are singing me,
and I am singing you
in this pure silence, while the last ember
levitates on the hard earth
and the multiple scars disappear
into charges of electric joy.