And then I started to scream
for everything you ignored
playing that Little Girl Blue song
like a forgotten record.
Not for one missing call,
one false hope,
but for all.
Oh get down, love, please,
get down, don’t stand there,
unharmed, in your purblind reveries.
See, I’m a stranger at your feet,
it’s been so long
your memories are empty of mine,
so long, we cover wounds with lies.
We don’t even know
how to kiss an empty palm.
Just a fist, closed on secrets.
But something is leaking
through our fingers,
calm as honey,
and I need to know
what it is made of.
I want to taste
what’s wrong.
Let’s be disappointingly clear
like a scandal of our own,
cause if we’re going to die,
if lust is just
a picture removed from a wall,
can’t we, first,
lie there in that true hour,
lie there and rest
in each other’s arms ?