Mid morning. The light
is bathed silently in blood,
nothing moves except the heart-valves
and their blue rivers.
Long chains of cells
eat my thoughts to lace.
I count the sunrays
through my fingers
thinking only god is perishable,
but your touch deathless.
I wonder who other people are
I doubt they ever had
skin and bones.
If only I could forget
your animality
at least, a little,
all my atoms would scatter
in a hailstorm
through the empty air.
What a joy,
to be finally beaten
and sacked by the wind.
Removed from
the confinement of the world,
dancing, lids shut
upon your pulse.
No quarantine,
no parenthesis
of hard lack.
Love like
it never was,
pure darkness
opening in one blow
every door.