Nobody sees you
when you burst into our rooms
taking the stars away, the sun
the fire, the only red spark left
in the ashtray besides our beds.
Nobody sees you
when you steal our daughters’ future
throw it to the dogs right where
our sons, the homeless, sleep
or more accurately, as filth, heap.
Dead generations, among dead
revelations, more dead
than these things that kept us alive
like roof, bread, wine,
the sweetest kind.
Nobody sees you
through that unholy veil, just
the purple mark of your leash
on every politician’s neck.
Nobody sees you
but we crave for light and flames,
we dream your house on fire,
your silvery web of happiness
torn with the shroud that is your flag.
Nobody counts the wars
feeding your greed
the time you need
to wash your hands,
we just count the losses.
But you can’t have our silence
that place full of echoes.
Having no soul, you can’t reach
that land where our songs went to die.
The moon lies there,
the same moon that hung
above any despot’s head
to make it roll in time
like a drop of water on sugar,
then disappear.
You can hide in donjons
you are no exception.
An eye for an eye,
a shadow for a shadow.
You won’t leave this world
without your IDs,
passports, data.
What will outlive you
has nothing to do
with amnesia.
Don’t you know yet,
even Hitler, in the midst
of the blackest fog,
had a face and a name ?